The 2 liter PS IBM bottle mold


ADOP France has been manufacturing molds for the ‘Injection Blow Molding‘ technology (IBM) for the major international plastic convertors serving the principal brand owners in the pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, FMCG and healthcare industries worldwide.

Since 1971, our experience and know how has allowed us to comfortably guide our customers in their choice of ‘blow technology’ to be used for a given project, part design and also give advice on the raw material choice (PP, PE, PC, PCTA, PET, PETg, PVC etc).

Indeed, this exchange of information is as much appreciated by our customers as are the top quality molds we deliver and the technical start up assistance we provide.

Throughout these 50 years we have also had the pleasure on numerous occasions to work on Turn Key solutions worldwide with the major IBM machine manufacturers such as Jomar, Meccanoplastica, Novapax or Uniloy for example.

Such was the case on this project for one of our customers in the biopharma industry.

The challenge here for Novapax ; the German IBM machine manufacturer, and ADOP France ; supplier of 5 IBM molds on this project was 2 fold ;

First of all, these molds should produce parts in PS Cristal, a ‘not so common’ material for IBM technology. A rapid test with this material on an existing ADOP France pilot mold of similar design to the project part design, which was tested in house on our Novapax NSB650, comforted both parties that the project was to be considered feasible.

Secondly ; of the 5 molds to be manufactured, ADOP France faced the challenge of building a single cavity 2000ml bottle mold.

ADOP to date had not previously built a mold for a bottle with such volume ; NOVAPAX to date had not previously placed a mold on their machine for producing a bottle of such a size.

Following much discussion, based on both company’s long and solid experience in IBM projects, ADOP and Novapax decided firmly that the project was feasible : The result can be seen in the video below, and proves once again that when the right actors are brought together on a project then success is guaranteed.

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