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Machinery Investments continue


Many people ask me in meetings or on trade fairs "How has ADOP France become the most renowned and reliable Injection Blow Molding Manufacturer worldwide, and what will the future be for our company ?"

Our answer is simple ; First of all Transparency, Trust and continued dialogue & improvement with our customers is the first brick in the construction.

Next, comes the mortar : this is the skilled & highly technical staff who have been with us for numerous years serving our partners worldwide, and also forming our apprentices so that this service can be carried on for many years to come.

In addition to this, a continued investment in machinery is necessary, if we want to remain the Icon Company in Top Quality IBM manufacturing.
Indeed, over the past year Adop France has invested in a Jomar 85S sampling machine, a plane grinder, an EDM machine, a spark wiring machine, a 3D printing machine, updated our software designing tools, and more recently as you can see from the photos ; an investment in a internal/External Grinding machine.

Lastly, There will be a lot of new and exciting news for 2023 as Adop positions ourselves in maintaining the high quality, and top reactivity that our customers are used to...

All of this means we shall be answering your RFQ's as rapidly and precisely as we have always been doing, and you can contact me at 0033 6 49 35 27 83 or if you have any IBM mold projects that require our expertise