The specialist in injection
blow mold manufacturing

ADOP France, IBM molds

ADOP France is THE global blow & IBM mold maker for the plastic packaging industry in the following technologies :

Injection Blow molding (IBM), getting to the core of the solution
Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM), including Adop’s SMED solution for this technology
Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM), including rapid pilot tools and samples
Stretchable PVC film extrusion dies
Stretch Blow Molding (SBM)

ADOP France has been the prominent blow mold project partner for the major instructing parties, final decision makers and plastic converting companies since 1971 in the above technologies for the Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and FMCG sectors.
We consider ourselves more a project partner rather than a blow mold supplier ; working hand in hand with companies right from the very outset of a project when questions such as limit of part feasibility & optimization in a given technology arise, right up to the mold commissioning with our partner on site and the after sales service to follow.
The values of ADOP however go beyond the technical aspects of the project, and we also take pride in sharing these values with our partners :
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Reactivity
  • A complete commitment to meeting the project requirements