The specialist in injection
blow mold manufacturing

Conception & Manufacturing

ADOP France Mold Conception

Our success can be attributed to the satisfaction that our customers find from the unique way that our molds are conceived.

This unique conception contributes to high production efficiency, minimized machine down times and near zero maintenance as well as exceedingly long mold lifespan and durability.

Many other benefits are to be procured from our IBM Monoblock state of the art technology :
  • Easy & risk free mold installation
  • Rapid & risk free production start-up
  • Guaranteed split line matching
  • Balanced Manifolds
  • Optimized cooling channels
  • Maximum mold production efficiency

ADOP France Mold Manufacturing

ADOP’s highly qualified and experienced team pilot our multi-functional NC-machine park at the cutting edge of technological progress :
  • High speed 3 & 5 axis milling centers
  • NC Lathes 3 axis
  • NC cylindrical grinding machines inter/ext
  • NC plane grinding machines ; capacity 1,5m
  • NC EDM machines
  • NC Wire EDM machines
  • Polishing and assembly workshop

The combination of our methods & manufacturing along with our Quality & ERP system ensures 100% on time delivery and traceability of your project.

*ADOP France is a member of The H.D.I Group (5 companies, 30M€ turnover and 250 qualified employees) specialist in precision mechanical engineering