The specialist in injection
blow mold manufacturing

ADOP France Project Manager


Question 1: Hello Thomas, can you tell us about your background?


Hello, my name is Thomas, I am 24 years old and I joined the Adop France teams a few months ago, in November 2020, as a Project Manager. This follows my diploma obtained in September 2020 at the engineering school ISPA (Institut Supérieur de Plasturgie d’Alençon). Before that, I obtained a scientific baccalaureate at Vannes, then I made a BTS Plastics Industries (Europlastic) at Questembert, still in Brittany where I worked for the Valéo group in Laval, as an apprentice engineer in industrialization methods.



Question 2: Why did you decide to move towards this professional environment ?
Why did I decide to focus on the plastics industry ? After my scientific baccalaureate, I didn't have any ideas about my profesional direction. It was during a student fair that I learned about the existence of a training course in plastics. I quickly adhered into it because I was interested in drawing, designing, manufacturing, and finally giving free rein to my imagination. There are so many different things you can do with plastic materials.


What is interesting about the plastics industry is that you can work in any industrial sector, each with its specific needs : automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sports, etc. This leaves great opportunities for a career development.


Question 3: You recently joined the Adop France teams. Can you explain the reason (s) that motivated you to join the company ?
When I was approached by a head hunter, I did not know Adop France, nor the HDI group. As the company is located in Normandy, and knowing that I was not working in the injection blow molding industry, I hadn’t had the opportunity to hear about the group. But the presentation that was made to me of Adop France convinced me.
A company that is growing fastly, with a large number of clients. It should be noted that 50% of clients are located abroad. In addition, the company continues to invest in its machine park, to stay at the forefront of innovation, which is obviously very motivating.
Finally, I quickly understood that not only could I bring my expertise, which I can do. But in addition, I knew that by joining the Adop France teams, I was going to learn a lot. Adop France is a small company, but with and enormous and recognized know-how.


Question 4: How did your integration go ?
My integration went very well, although it took place in a particular context with the health crisis of Covid 19. I was very well received. My training is still ongoing, I am learning every day what machines can help us do. It's very interesting.


Question 5: Can you explain to us what your specific mission at Adop France consists of ? For example what is the typical day for you ?
So there is no typical day, even if the processes are identical for each customer. But since every request, and every customer need, is different, there is no such thing as a "routine".
Concretely, as a Project Manager, I work in the sampling department, with two other people. My role is to supervise the testing of tools and control the samples produced. I am therefore responsible for drafting control reports. Following the production of the sample, I interact with the customer to validate the product, discuss with him about any changes to be made, improvements, etc.


Question 6: What would you say to young people, who do not necessarily know what to do with their future career, to encourage them to join this sector of activity ?
I will tell them the words I heard at the Student Fair in which I attended a few years ago, and which led me to this direction: the plastics industry is very promising.
It may seem strange to say that when plastic is now being decried. But you should know that plastic is everywhere, we can hardly do without it, so much research is currently being carried out to make it cleaner, in particular through the creation of a circular economy. It is a market where innovation is very important today. This is what makes the sector very interesting for young people.


Question 7: If you had to define Adop France in 1 word, what would you say ?
Well, I would say that Adop France is an "innovative" company.